• Fun, functional and faff-free clothing for your little sleep thieves

  • #banishthepoppers

    It is our MISSION to make changing the little one as stress free as possible!

    No more poppers!

    ...you're welcome

    Our number one frustration? Poppers!


    How do they do up? Have I done them all up? Will I be able to do them up before the little wriggler makes her great escape?


    YES, I've done it! Oh crap, wait - there's one out of place. Oh she's managed to undo them herself...


    You catch our drift!

    Clever, clever zips

    Innovative and EASY

    Now, while we're not the first people to put zips on a baby grow, we're the first in the UK to put the zip in this clever location.


    Have a look at our video for the quickest way to get your baby in and out of the M*******suit (still being TMd).


    Stress free changing times for you and your little one. Happy baby, life is gravy!

  • We believe in Gro-ganic

    Organic isn't just a buzz word


    "What is it?" you ask

    We are two mums concerned about the world our babies are growing up in. We want to bring them up as best as we can in a way that makes the biggest impact on our community, environment and the world.


    Now, we're not experts! Yes, we still pop into M&S for the occasional baby vest, but something just doesn't feel right when we do.


    And that's why Sleep Thief was born. We want the best materials for our babies, made in the nicest way, with the best impact. We try our best to help our babies be 'gro-ganic'.

    An Ode to Organic

    ...a way of life

    For Sleep Thief, organic is the best thing:

    Free from nasty chemicals and toxins.

    Soft on babies skins and bottoms

    For us it is the kindest cotton.


    Transparency in every task,

    It really isn't such an ask.

    All made here in GB

    Is a Sleep Thief philosophy.


    We do our best as two new mums

    To not just sit and twiddle our thumbs.

    We want to spread fun and positive vibes

    For all our lovely Sleep Thief tribe!

  • UK born and bred to get your kids to bed...

    This is how we get things done (when the kids are at nursery...)










  • Our Den of Sleep Thieves

    The dream team who make it all happen

    Made in GB


    Our team will be revealed soon!

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